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Are you curious about Tarot Cards?

Perhaps you've had a reading done, or read books on the subject? 

Maybe you already own a set of cards, but can't seem to get them to "speak to you"?

Or maybe, like me, you are already an experienced Tarot Reader?

My reason for creating this wiki was to provide a starting-point for people to connect and share knowledge and experience. Questions are welcomed, and are a great way to see people's different perspectives.  Join in, let's get this topic active :)

How do Tarot cards work? 

I'm often asked by people I read for, "how does this work, are you psychic?"

No, I'm not. I would say I have well-developed intuition, but I don't read people's minds or contact the spirit world or anything else mysterious.

Quite simply, I have studied Tarot for many years, and used them as a tool of inquiry for myself, friends, family, colleagues, and strangers. 

I can honestly say that, over 100's of readings, no-one has ever said they didn't recognise their current circumstances portrayed in the cards they selected. (I ask everyone, to be certain.)

It's my belief that we subconsciously select the cards with symbols and messages that are relevant to us. The card reading or "spread", then offers a summary of the situation or circumstances, the important people and events, and the options now available to the person being read for, or "querent".

Different readers have different opinions. The topic is a broad one, as it touches on all kinds of issues from psychology to charlatanism, religion to delusion.

What do you think?

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